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East Coast Swing

 East Coast Swing Steps are a ballroom dance adaptation of the jitterbug.

It has three basics: triple step, double step and single step for the first four beats in a six count repetition. Beats 5 and 6 are a rock step. Thier is also an eight count basic.

 East Coast Swing is not just a dance style its a life style.

I 've thrown many a parties in my house on the river.

Laid out over $20000 for the food and band.

But unless the lady's are beautiful and dress right, Unless the bathtub gin is made strong, Its not East Coast Swing.

My Pop once tried to get his Jewish friend Alex Breast into the San Jose Country Club but the the membership committee turned him down.

At a previous meeting they accepted Al Capone's lieutenant Machine Gun Patton's son as a member.

 My dad was outraged!

But its too simple to say they prefered the families of criminals to families of Jews.

 I say, "Look at all those statuesque flappers. How can you keep them out of the Club House?"

Perhaps the East Coast Swing life style attracted the committee.


                                                    Lord M