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Lord M on Muneira

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Muneira Dance

 Muneira is dances to a Bagpipe called a gait.

It may have come from morroco but bagpipes were all over europe by the 15 century.

Its also called the Millers dance people may have danced it in around the mills.

Its also called a Galician jig.

 I always wondered what bagpipe were doing in Spain.

When I first saw the Muneira  I asked everywhere, "What am I in the Scottish Highlands? Or is this a Ireland where people are doing a Jig? "

Well the best explanation I got was in the writings of the Lebor Gabála Érenn (The Book of the Taking of Ireland) at least 900 years old.

It describe how soldiers of Spain conquered Ireland and brought thier culture, music and dance to the Emerald isles.


                                                                  Lord M