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The Rumba or (Rhumba)

I have studied,  lectured and written plays on greek culture and history.

Through my studies I became acquainted with Bacchanalian dance as a way of expressing passion, lust and fear .

So when I learn a dance like Rumba was banned in Cuba by President Machado (1925) "For invoking too much lustful behavior." I get confused.

Why? Because its more like Apollonian dance with little emotion and more ceremony.

So I asked around and the great dancer Cuban Pete told me, "Rumors has it that President Machado girlfriend was dating her Rumba teacher."

Rumba has many different genres Son, Danzon, Guagira, Guaracha, Naningo.

The American Rumba comes from Son.

Basic is just a Quick, Quick, Slow in 4/4 time.

Don't forget to use your hips.


                                                  Lord M