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Carolina Shag

Shag is another dance derived from the Lindy Hop era.

These people didn't mind hopping around but must have had arthritic hips. The upper body and hips hardly move as the legs do convoluted kicks and fancy footwork.

The man is the center of attention as in Paso Doble. In 4/4 time the dance evolved on the beaches of South Carolina.

See college kids came to party there in 1930's to 1950's bringing in rhythm and Blues groups.

White college kids would visit the Black clubs and bring back dance moves. Its easier to hop on the beach.

Some of the Shags better moves involve hopping and kicking up sand.

Its danced to what people call Carolina Beach Music. (Which is not the stuff you saw Annette Funicello singing at Bikini Beach but more like New Orleans Blues.)

Shaggers beware: Those hot Westcoast Swing babes (the Hieroduleites) run around seducing Shaggers.

Using their Feminine whiles to get Shaggers to join the West Coast Swing dance community. ( This is called Love Bombing) 

The West Coast Swing community is more like a cult than a fad.

My best bud General Lee (I gave him his name) was on the Jacksonville Shag Team.

We would go out every night drinking and looking for Moose (Women)

But since those Westcoast swing succubuses got their teeth on him he only goes out to the West Coast Swing dances at their Church.


                                                           Lord M