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Be Bop

 Be-Bob is mostly in 4/4 time.

 First Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie formed a group with the best bebop. Then Miles Davis and John Coltrane developed the Cool School of Be-Bop.

 Finally rock and roll musicians incorporated bebop.

 The Mans Part looked like a Tap sequence with Lock and Pop steps (Hip Hop move)

When your left knee bends pop out your right elbow When your right knee bends pop out you left elbow. In 6 count framework.

1) Left toe

2) Put down Left heel

3) Right toe

4) Put down Right heel

 5) Left weight on ball of foot

6) Right weight on ball of foot.

The knees are even popping in be-bop.

It is pefectly OK to mix in the twist with this dance. Why? Because dance in the same era tended to mix steps.

The lady Mirrors the Man

                                                              Lord M

Jacksonville is lucky to have such a strong Bop community.

 For some fun try this group.