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 The Jitterbug initially called the hop or Jivin was renamed the Lindy Hop perhaps by the legendary dancer Shorty George.

Why? Americans took pride in aviator Charles A. Lindbergh accomplishment of the first solo trans-Atlantic flight in 1927.

The Lindy hop popularity in the 1920's was limited primarily to Harlem but by the 1930's it was all over the country.

Unfortunatly by 1933 Charles A. Lindbergh started to show his racist and Nazi side. So in 1934 band leader Cab Calloway introduced his tune Jitterbug giving it a new name .

East Coast Swing, is a ballroom dance adaptation of jitterbug.

It has three basics: triple step, double step and single step for the first four beats in a six count repetition.

Beats 5 and 6 are a rock step.

Thier is also an eight count basic.

 But be creative don't do the basic in public or it will look like the remedial class has taken the stage in a talent show.

                                                  Lord M

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