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Lord M on Polka

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The Polka

 Polka is a dance originating in Czechoslovakia. (Now called Czech and Slovakia)

 Polka comes from Pulka meaning half step In 4/4 time A basic pattern might be step-close-step-hop or 1 beat, 1 beat, 1 1/2 beat, 1/2 beat (Hop)

While visiting Bratislava in Slovakia I went to a Gentlemans club with a fellow ski enthusiast.

I gave him the name the Viking. He had just bought a time share at a Ski Resort nearby.

I usually walk into a Bar and jokingly telling the waitress "I 'm looking for a desperate woman."

This time she sent two ladies over to the table. (I was just kidding but I'm not complaining)

I mentioned to the girls, " My friend the Viking just spent 10000 dollars for a weekend."

But before I could tell them about the time share. The lady dancing on the stage buckled at th knees let out a scream with multi-orgasmic intonations "10000 dollars for a weekend."

Then she asked me if I was a dancer.

I said, Yes.

It took me months to figure out she thought, The Viking payed me 10000 for a weekend of sex.

Anyway after some cajoling I got the ladies at the table to teach us the Polka.

It cost me 800 dollars but I can do an authentic Polka.


                                                         Lord M