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Salsa means sause. Basically it means rock step whenever you want.

Not only does it not matter if you start on second beat like Mambo, but feel free to mix in most latin steps.

What is the difference between Salsa and Mambo music. Tito Puente said they are the same thing. (How can you argue with him?)

Let Me Share My Dream

I realised the need for change when a group of Texas fourflushers

 came to Florida in the 70's.

They wheeled and dealed then went bankrupt ruining my company the environment, economy and arts.

I love the republic, I love democracy, but our culture has decended into purgatory.

I grugingly offer my services as leader.

Leader in a New World Empire with one world government abolishing Nationalism forever.

Where the technology rules the World.

I am foremost an inventor but also a Hip-Hop Artists, Historian, Poet, Writer, Dancer and Engineer modesty prohibits me from saying more.

I helped coin the acronym SALSA because it mixes all into one.

I'm well known for being instrumental in the development of another SALSA - The Salt Shower Array.

It may allow the ethernet to reach all indivduals throughout the world. This will have the added advantage of directly sending and receiving info into and from everyones neural network through subcutaneous receivers .

Giving everyone internet access with its instant knowledge and recall.

It will also give the net a modest amount of influence over the individuals decision making. Mixing all into one.

I've worked for many years on this.

Wish Me Luck

                                           If I see you give me an Emuwii Salute

                                                          Lord M