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Location(s) Telescope(s) Purpose Status (on map)
1 All-Sky Astronomical Survey (ASAS) 
Las Campanas/CL 1x0.02m surveys In operation from 1997-2000 X
2 All-Sky Astronomical Survey III (ASAS-3) 
  (Warsaw, Princeton)
Las Campanas/CL 2x0.07m, 1x0.25m surveys In operation since 2002 X
3 Antipodal Transient Observatory (ATO) 
  (Washington Univ., IIA Bangalore)
Mt. Saraswati/India 2x0.50m Torus GRB Being commissioned X
4 Automated Astrophysical Site-Testing InterNational Observatory (AASTINO) 
  (Univ. New South Wales/Sydney/AU)
Dome-C/Antarctica seeing, weather In operation since 2003 X
5 Automated Patrol Telescope 
  (Univ. New South Wales)
Siding Spring/AU 1x0.50m Baker-Nunn GRB, service In operation X
6 Automatic Imaging Telescope 
  (Univ. Perugia)
Perugia/Italy 1x0.40m Newtonian service In operation since 1994 X
7 Automatic Planet Finder (APF) 
  (Carnegie Inst., San Francisco State Univ., Univ. Berkeley, Lick Obs.)
Mt. Hamilton/CA/USA 1x2.40m EOST exoplanets Being commissioned X
8 Automatic Radio-Linked Telescope 
  (Western New Mexico Univ.)
Silver City/New Mexico/USA 1x0.44m Novae, SNe In operation X
9 Automatic Telescope 
  (Novosibirsk State Univ.)
Novosibirsk/Russia       X
10 Automatic Telescope for Optical Monitoring (ATOM) 
  (Landessternwarte Heidelberg)
Namibia 1x0.70m Zeiss AGN, gamma-ray support Being commissioned X
11 Axial Meridian Circle 
  (Nikolaev Astron. Obs.)
Nikolaev/UE 1x0.12m astrometry In operation since 1995 X
12 BART 
  (Astron. Inst. of the Acad. Sci., Ondrejov/Czech Rep.)
Ondrejov/Czech Rep. wide-field CCD + Meade 1x0.25m GRB In operation since 2002 X
13 Bassano 
  (Osserv. Bassano Bresciano)
Brescia/IT 1x0.40m Schmidt GRB, asteroids, SNe In operation since 1991 X
14 Barcelona 
  (Dept. d'Astronomia i Meteorologie)
Spain Torus 1x0.80m   Under construction  
15 Berlin Exoplanet Search Telescope (BEST) 
  (Deutsche Luft and Raumfahrt Agency (DLR))
Tautenburg/DE 1x0.20m refractor exoplanets Remote operation since 2002, being upgraded to robotic X
16 Bisei Spaceguard Center 
  (Japan Space Forum)
Bisei/Japan Torus 1x0.50m, 1x1.00m NEO Being commissioned? X
17 Bordeaux Automatic Meridian Instrument 
  (Bordeaux Obs.)
Bordeaux 1x0.20m astrometry In operation X
18 Bradford Robotic Telescopes 
  (Bradford Univ., IAC, Manchester)
Tenerife/ES 1x0.46m education, GRB In operation since 2003 X
19 Burst Observer and Optical Transient Exploring System (BOOTES) 
  (Spain, Czech Republic)
El Arenosillo/ES, La Mayora/ES 1x0.30m, 1x0.60m GRB In operation since 1998(#1) and 2002(#2) X
  (Spain, Czech Republic)
Loma de Dilar/Spain 1x0.60m AstroTel GRB In operation since 2006 X
21 Carlsberg Meridian Telescope 
  (Copenhagen Obs.)
La Palma/Spain 1x0.18m astrometry In operation since 1984 X
22 Carl Sagan Observatory 
  (Univ. Sonora)
Cerro Azul/Mexico Coronado Inst. Group 1x0.55m SNe, education Under construction X
23 Catania Automatic Photoelectric Telescopes 
  (Catania Obs.)
Mt. Aetna/Sicily 2x0.80m APT monitoring #1 in operation since 1992, #2 in 2002 X
24 CATS-i Network 
  (Kazo Miraikan Mus., Osaka Kyoiku Univ., Tokyo Sci. Mus., Yamanashi Pref. Sci. Ctr.)
Kofu, Yamanashi/Kazo, Saitama/Tennouji, Osaka/Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 1x0.30m Meade, Goto 3x0.20m Goto Coude education In operation since 2001 X
25 CEAMIG-REA Observatory 
Belo Horizonte/Brazil 1x0.30m Meade service In operation since 2003 X
26 Centro de Astrobiologica 
Spain 1x0.40m Torus, 2x0.50m exoplanets unknown  
27 CONCAM / Night Sky Live 
  (consortium started by Michigan Tech)
8x around the world fish-eye+CCD surveys In operation since 1998  
28 Crni Vrh Observatory 
Crni Vrh, Slovenia 1x0.60m NEO In operation since 2002 X
  (Ohio State Univ.)
Sonoita/AZ/USA 1x0.50m exoplanets In operation since 2008 X
30 (Earthshine Telescope?) 
  (Danish Meterological Inst., Lund Obs.)
Mauna Loa/HI/USA 1x0.40m earthshine monitor In operation since 20911 X
31 El Enano 
  (Swarthmore, Las Cumbres Obs., Illinois)
Cerro Tololo/CL 1x0.05m surveys In operation since 1998 X
32 eStar 
  (Univ. Exeter)
Exeter/UK 2x0.20m Meade test-of-concept In operation since 2002  
33 EUDOXOS Project 
  ((intl. consortium))
Mt.Ainos/Kefallinia/Greece Torus 1x0.60m education In operation X
  (Obs. Geneva)
La Silla/CL 1x1.20m exoplanets Near-robotic operation since 1998 X
35 Explosive Transient Camera (ETC) 
Kitt Peak/Arizona/USA 16x0.03m GRB In operation since 1991 X
36 Fairborn Observatory 
  (Fairborn Obs.)
Patagonia/Arizona/USA Home of many service In operation X
37 Four-College Automatic Photoelectric Telescope 
  (Villinova,Cidadel,Charleston College, University of Nevada/Las Vegas)
Patagonia/Arizona/USA 1x0.80m APT monitoring In operation X
38 (Ph/F)otometric Robotic Telescope for Atmospheric Monitoring (FRAM) 
  (Czech Acad. Sci.)
Pierre-Auguer/South/Argentina 1x0.20m, 1x0.08m monitoring,GRB In operation since 2005 X
39 Gamma Ray Binocular (GRAB) 
  (NCU Taipei)
Kenting/Taiwan 1x0.30m Celestron, 1x0.40m Meade GRB Being commissioned X
40 Global Network of Automatic Telescopes (GNAT) 
Tucson/Arizona/USA 1x0.50m SciTech service Being commissioned X
41 Goddard Robotic Telescope 
Greenbelt/MD/USA 1x0.35m Celestron GRB, AGN In operation since 2008 December X
42 Ground Follow-up Telescope (GFT) 
  (Obs. de Provence, SVOM/ECLAIRS)
light-weight 1x1.50m surveys, GRB Under study  
43 Hamburg Robotic Telescope 
  (Hamburger Sternwarte)
Guanajuato/MX 1x1.20m Halfmann spectroscopy Being commissioned X
44 Hanna City Robotic Observatory 
Illinois/USA 1x0.21m Meade service In operation since 1997 X
45 Hungarian Automated Telescope (HAT-1) 
  (Konkoly & Steward Obs.)
Kitt Peak/Arizona/USA 1x0.06m monitoring In operation since 2001 X
46 Hungarian Automatted Telescope (HAT-2) 
  (Konkoly Obs.)
Hungary 1x0.06m monitoring In operation X
47 ICE-T 
  (AIP, AWI)
Dome C/Antarctica 1x0.60m, 1x0.80m Schmidt exoplanets Under construction X
48 Iowa Robotic Telescope Facility (IRTF) 
  (Univ. Iowa)
Iowa City/Iowa/USA, Sonoita/Arizona/USA 1x0.18m, 1x0.50m education In operation X
49 Italian Robotic Antarctic Infrared Telescope (IRAIT) 
  (Perugia Univ.)
Dome-C/Antarctica 1x0.80m service Being commissioned in Italy X
50 IUCAA 2-m 
Giravali/India 1x2.00m TTL   Being commissioned X
51 Katzman Automated Imaging Telescope (KAIT)
  (UC Berkeley)
Lick Obs./California/USA 1x0.76m SNe In operation since 1989 X
52 KAO Robotic Telescope 
  (Korean Astronomical Observatory)
? 1x1.00m ACE service Being commissioned  
53 KELT-North 
  (Ohio State Univ.)
Sonoita/AZ/USA 1x0.042m exoplanets In operation since 2004 X
54 KELT-South 
  (Vanderbilt Univ., SAAO)
Sutherland/ZA 1x0.042m exoplanets In operation since 2008 X
55 Las Cumbres Observatory-2m/N 
Haleakala/HI/USA 1x2.00m TTL service In operation since 2009 X
56 Las Cumbres Observatory-2m/S 
Siding Spring/AU 1x2.00m TTL service In operation since 2009 X
57 Las Cumbres Observatory-1m/TX 
McDonald/TX/USA 1x1.00m LGO service under construction X
58 Las Cumbres Observatory-1m/ZA 
Sutherland/ZA 3x1.00m LGO service under construction  
59 Las Cumbres Observatory-1m/AU 
Siding Spring/AU 1x1.00m LGO service Planned  
60 Las Cumbres Observatory-1m/CL 
Cerro Tololo/CL 1x1.00m LGO service Planned  
61 Las Cumbres Observatory (education) 
  (large consortium led by LCO)
Haleakala/Hawaii/USA, Siding Spring/AU, Cerro Pachon/CL, La Palma/Spain, Sutherland/SA 12x0.40m education Planned, Under construction  
62 Libyan Robotic Telescope 
  (Libyan Center for Remote Sensing and Space Science)
TBD/Libya 1x2.00m SAGEM service Under construction  
63 Lincoln Near Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR) 
  (MIT/Lincoln Lab)
Socorro/New Mexico/USA 1x1.00m GEODSS NEO In operation since 1998 X
64 Livermore Optical Transit Imaging System (LOTIS) 
Livermore/California/USA 4x0.11m GRB In operation since 1996 X
65 Liverpool Telescope 
  (John Moores Univ.)
La Palma/Spain 1x2.00m TTL service, education In operation since July 2003 X
66 MicroObservatory #1 
  (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
Cambridge/MA/USA 1x0.15m education In operation since 1999 X
67 MicroObservatory #2 
  (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
Amado/AZ/USA 2x0.15m education In operation since 1999 X
68 MicroObservatory #3 
  (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
Las Campanas/CL 1x0.15m education Under construction X
69 H. S. Mendenhall Observatory 
  (Okla. State Univ.)
Stillwater/OK/USA 1x0.35m, 1x0.60m exoplanets, NEO Under construction X
70 Milankovic 
  (Astron. Obs. Belgrade)
Mt. Vidojevica 1x1.5m service Planned X
71 Mobile Astronomical System of TElescope Robots (MASTER) 
  (Sternberg Astron. Inst./Russia)
presently near Moscow Richter-Slefogt 1x0.35m, 1x0.28m, 1x0.20m GRB, surveys In operation since 2002 X
72 Montsec Astron. Observatory 
  (Inst. Est. Espac. de Catalunya, Univ. Barcelona/Spain)
Montsec Mtns./Spain 1x0.80m OMI service Being commissioned X
73 Multicolor Active Galactic NUclei Monitoring (MAGNUM) 
  (Univ. of Tokyo, NAOJ, ANU)
Haleakala/Hawaii/USA 1x2.00m EOST AGN Being commissioned X
74 MONET/North 
  (Univ. Göttingen, McDonald Obs., SAAO)
Mt. Locke/Texas/USA 1x1.20m Halfmann service, exoplanets, education In operation since 2009 X
75 MONET/South 
  (Univ. Göttingen, McDonald Obs., SAAO)
Sutherland/ZA 1x1.20m Halfmann service, exoplanets, education Being commissioned X
76 Nassau Station Robotic Telescope 
  (Case Western Reserve Univ.)
Chardon/Ohio/USA 1x0.90m education, service In operation since 1999 X
77 Network of Oriental Telescopes (NOT) 
North Africa, Near East 1.5 to 2.0m education, service proposed  
78 Ondrejov Robotic Telescope 
  (Astron. Inst., Ondrejov)
Ondrejov/Czech Republic 1x0.30m Meade GRB (see BART entry) X
  (Harvard/SAO CfA)
Mt.Hopkins/Arizona/USA 1x1.30m GRB, exoplanets, SNe Being commissioned X
80 Panchromatic Robotic Optical Monitoring and Polarimetry Telescopes (PROMPT) 
  (Consortium lead by Univ. N. Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Cerro Tololo/CL 6x0.41m RC Opt. Sys. GRB, education In operation X
81 Panoramic Survey Telescope & Rapid Response System (PanSTARRS) 
  (Univ. Hawai'i)
Mauna Kea/Hawai'i/USA 4x1.80m EOST NEO First telescope being commissioned X
82 Palomar 60" 
Mt. Palomar/CA/USA 1x1.52m GRB In operation X
83 Phoenix 10" 
  (Franklin äMarshal College)
Patagonia/Arizona/USA 1x0.25m monitoring In operation since 1983 X
84 π of the Sky 
  (Warsaw Inst. Techn., Warsaw Univ.)
Las Companas/CL 16x0.06m lenses+CCD GRB, survey Under construction X
85 Phys. Innov. Rob. Astron. Tel. Explorer (PIRATE) 
  (Open Univ.)
Obs. de Mallorca/ES 1x35m Celestron education Being commissioned X
86 pt5m 
  (Durham, Sheffield)
La Palma/ES 1x0.50m transients, monitoring, SLODAR In operation X
87 Pucket Observatory 
Mountaintown/Georgia/USA 1x0.60m RC, 1x0.50m SNe In operation X
88 Rapid Eye Mount (REM) 
  (Oss. di Brera, Catania, Roma)
La Silla/CL 1x0.60m Halfmann GRB Being commissioned X
89 RAPid Telescope for Optical Response (RAPTOR) 
Fenton Hill/New Mexico/USA 4x0.15m, 1x0.30m survey In operation X
90 Remote Obs. for Var. Obj. Research (ROVOR) 
  (Brigham Young Univ.)
Provo/Utah/USA 1x0.60m Autoscope monitoring, AGN, GRB Under construction X
91 Robotic Exoplanet Experiment (REX) 
  (St. Andrews Univ.)
ZA, CL networking 2x 2m TTL exoplanets proposed  
92 Riken-Bisei Optical Transient Survey (RIBOTS)
  (Riken, Bisei Obs.)
Bisei/Japan 1x0.30m Meade GRB In operation X
93 RoboScope 
  (Univ. Indiana)
Morgan-Monroe/Indiana/USA 1x0.41m Boller-Chivens monitoring In operation since 1990 X
94 RoboSky 
Ontario/Canada 2x0.20m Meade education In operation X
95 RoboTel 
  (Astr. Inst. Potsdam)
Potsdam/DE 1x0.80m Halfmann CCD-imaging & photometry Being commissioned X
96 Robotic Optical Transient Search Experiment (ROTSE I) 
  (Los Alamos, LLNL, Univ. Michigan)
Los Alamos/New Mexico/USA 4x0.11m GRB, surveys In operation since 1998 X
97 Robotic Optical Transient Search Experiment (ROTSE III) 
  (large consortium)
Australia, Namibia, Turkey, Texas 4x0.45m GRB, surveys In operation/under construction X
98 Robotically Controlled Telescope (RCT) 
  (Western Kentucky Univ., S. Carolina State Univ., Planetary Sci. Inst., Berkeley)
Kitt Peak/Arizona/USA 1x1.30m service Being commissioned X
99 Robotische Observatorium der Theoretische Astrophysik Tübingen (ROTAT) 
  (Univ. Tübingen)
Tübingen/DE 1x0.30m Meade test-bed In operation since 2001 X
  (Obs. Haute Provence)
Obs. Haute Provence/France 1x0.50m exoplanets Being re-commissioned X
  (Univ. Tübingen)
Haute-Provence/France refurbished 1x0.60m service Being commissioned X
Sutherland/ZA 1x0.75m monitoring In operation since 2000 X
103 Sabadell 
  (Agrupacion Astron. de Sab.)
Montsec/Spain 1x0.50m Halfmann NEO, education, exoplanets, SNe Being commissioned X
104 SkyMapper 
  (MSO & SSO)
Siding Spring/AU 1x1.35m EOST surveys Under construction X
105 SpectraBot 
  (Univ. Indiana)
Morgan-Monroe/Indiana/USA 1x1.25m spectroscopy In operation since 1999 X
106 STELLar Activity (STELLA I) 
  (AIP, IAC)
Teide/Tenerife/Spain 1x1.20m Halfmann spectroscopy In operation since 2005 X
107 STELLar Activity (STELLA II) 
  (AIP, IAC)
Teide/Tenerife/Spain 1x1.20m Halfmann monitoring, service Being commissioned X
108 Strömgren Automatic Telescope 
  (Copenhagen Obs.)
La SIlla/CL 1x0.50m monitoring In operation X
109 SuperBART 
  (Astron. Inst. of the Acad. Sci., Ondrejov/Czech Rep.)
Ondrejov/Czech Rep. 1x0.50m GRB In operation since 2008 X
110 Super-LOTIS 
  (LLNL, Clemson)
Kitt Peak/Arizona/USA 1x0.60m upgraded Boller-Chivens GRB Being commissioned X
111 SuperWASP-North 
  (Cambridge, Open, Queen's & St. Andrews's Univ., IAC)
La Palma/ES 8x0.20m on Torus mount exoplanets In operation since 2004 X
112 SuperWASP-South 
  (Cambridge, Open, Queen's & St. Andrews's Univ., IAC)
Sutherland/ZA 8x0.20m on Torus mount exoplanets In operation since 2006 X
113 Taiwan-America-Occultation-Survey (TAOS) 
  (Academia Sinica, NCU Taiwan, LLNL)
Yu Shan/Taiwan 4x0.50m Torus TNO Under construction X
114 Telescope a Action Rapide pour les Objets Transitoires (TAROT) 
  (Obs. de Haute Provence)
Plateau du Calern/France 1x0.25m Valmeca GRB, service, SNe In operation since 1998 X
115 TAROT-Chile 
  (Obs. de Haute Provence)
La Silla/CL 1x0.25m GRB, service, SNe In operation since 2005 X
  (AIP, AWI)
Dome C/Antarctica 1x0.18m Schulz aerosols, stellar photometry Under construction X
117 TENAGRA Observatory 
Oregan/USA, Patagonia/Arizona/USA 2x0.35m Celestron, 1x0.060m SciTech, 1x0.81m SciTech SNe, NEO In operation X
118 Tenessee Automatic Photoelectric Telescopes
  (Tennessee State Univ.)
Patagonia/Arizona/USA 1x0.30m, 1x0.60m, 1x0.76m APT monitoring In operation X
119 Tenessee Spectroscopic Survey Telescope 
  (Tennessee State Univ.)
Patagonia/Arizona/USA 1x2.10m spectroscopy Being commissioned X
120 Transient Object Automated Search Telescope (TOAST) 
  (Univ. of North Dakota)
Grand Forks/North Dakota/USA 1x0.25m Meade GRB, SNe, astrometry In operation since 2003 X
121 UVI Observatory 
  (Univ. Virgin Islands, College of Charleston, S. Carolina State Univ.)
St. Thomas/Virgin Islands/USA 1x0.50m OMI/Torus GRB Being commissioned X
122 Variable Young Stars Optical Survey (VYSOS) 
  (Univ. Hawaii/USA, Ruhr Univ./Bochum/DE)
Haleakala/Hawaii/USA, Cerro Tololo/CL 2x0.41m Equinox Intersci. Inc. monitoring Funded X
  (Univ. Coll. Dublin)
Boyden/ZA 1x0.4m GRB, exoplanets In operation since 2006 X
124 Wendelstein 
  (Univ. Munich)
Mt. Wendelstein, Bayrischzell/DE 1x2.00m service, lensing, education Funded X
125 Wolfgang-Amadeus 
  (Univ. Vienna, AIP)
Patagonia/Arizona/USA 2x0.76m APT monitoring In operation since 1996 X
126 Yonsei Survey Telescopes for Astron. Research (YSTAR) 
  (Yonsei Univ./Korea)
Korea, Sutherland/ZA 2x0.50m Torus surveys Commissioning of first telescopes X
127 ZAKDO 
  (Univ. W. Australia)
Gingin/AU 1x1.0m GRB, education Under construction X