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Constellation Table
No. Abbrev. Constellation Genitive English Name Area Hem. Alpha Star
1 And Andromeda Andromedae Andromeda 722 NH Alpheratz
2 Ant Antlia Antliae Air Pump 239 SH
3 Aps Apus Apodis Bird of Paradise 206 SH
4 Aqr Aquarius Aquarii Water Carrier 980 SH Sadalmelik
5 Aql Aquila Aquilae Eagle 652 NH-SH Altair
6 Ara Ara Arae Altar 237 SH
7 Ari Aries Arietis Ram 441 NH Hamal
8 Aur Auriga Aurigae Charioteer 657 NH Capella
9 Boo Bootes Bootis Herdsman 907 NH Arcturus
10 Cae Caelum Caeli Chisel 125 SH
11 Cam Camelopardalis Camelopardalis Giraffe 757 NH
12 Cnc Cancer Cancri Crab 506 NH Acubens
13 CVn Canes Venatici Canun Venaticorum Hunting Dogs 465 NH Cor Caroli
14 CMa Canis Major Canis Majoris Big Dog 380 SH Sirius
15 CMi Canis Minor Canis Minoris Little Dog 183 NH Procyon
16 Cap Capricornus Capricorni Goat ( Capricorn ) 414 SH Algedi
17 Car Carina Carinae Keel 494 SH Canopus
18 Cas Cassiopeia Cassiopeiae Cassiopeia 598 NH Schedar
19 Cen Centaurus Centauri Centaur 1060 SH Rigil Kentaurus
20 Cep Cepheus Cephei Cepheus 588 SH Alderamin
21 Cet Cetus Ceti Whale 1231 SH Menkar
22 Cha Chamaleon Chamaleontis Chameleon 132 SH
23 Cir Circinus Circini Compasses 93 SH
24 Col Columba Columbae Dove 270 SH Phact
25 Com Coma Berenices Comae Berenices Berenice's Hair 386 NH Diadem
26 CrA Corona Australis Coronae Australis Southern Crown 128 SH
27 CrB Corona Borealis Coronae Borealis Northern Crown 179 NH Alphecca
28 Crv Corvus Corvi Crow 184 SH Alchiba
29 Crt Crater Crateris Cup 282 SH Alkes
30 Cru Crux Crucis Southern Cross 68 SH Acrux
31 Cyg Cygnus Cygni Swan 804 NH Deneb
32 Del Delphinus Delphini Dolphin 189 NH Sualocin
33 Dor Dorado Doradus Goldfish 179 SH
34 Dra Draco Draconis Dragon 1083 NH Thuban
35 Equ Equuleus Equulei Little Horse 72 NH Kitalpha
36 Eri Eridanus Eridani River 1138 SH Achernar
37 For Fornax Fornacis Furnace 398 SH
38 Gem Gemini Geminorum Twins 514 NH Castor
39 Gru Grus Gruis Crane 366 SH Al Na'ir
40 Her Hercules Herculis Hercules 1225 NH Rasalgethi
41 Hor Horologium Horologii Clock 249 SH
42 Hya Hydra Hydrae Hydra ( Sea Serpent ) 1303 SH Alphard
43 Hyi Hydrus Hydri Water Serpen ( male ) 243 SH
44 Ind Indus Indi Indian 294 SH
45 Lac Lacerta Lacertae Lizard 201 NH
46 Leo Leo Leonis Lion 947 NH Regulus
47 LMi Leo Minor Leonis Minoris Smaller Lion 232 NH
48 Lep Lepus Leporis Hare 290 SH Arneb
49 Lib Libra Librae Balance 538 SH Zubenelgenubi
50 Lup Lupus Lupi Wolf 334 SH Men
51 Lyn Lynx Lyncis Lynx 545 NH
52 Lyr Lyra Lyrae Lyre 286 NH Vega
53 Men Mensa Mensae Table 153 SH
54 Mic Microscopium Microscopii Microscope 210 SH
55 Mon Monoceros Monocerotis Unicorn 482 SH
56 Mus Musca Muscae Fly 138 SH
57 Nor Norma Normae Square 165 SH
58 Oct Octans Octantis Octant 291 SH
59 Oph Ophiucus Ophiuchi Serpent Holder 948 NH-SH Rasalhague
60 Ori Orion Orionis Orion 594 NH-SH Betelgeuse
61 Pav Pavo Pavonis Peacock 378 SH Peacock
62 Peg Pegasus Pegasi Winged Horse 1121 NH Markab
63 Per Perseus Persei Perseus 615 NH Mirfak
64 Phe Phoenix Phoenicis Phoenix 469 SH Ankaa
65 Pic Pictor Pictoris Easel 247 SH
66 Psc Pisces Piscium Fishes 889 NH Alrischa
67 PsA Pisces Austrinus Pisces Austrini Southern Fish 245 SH Fomalhaut
68 Pup Puppis Puppis Stern 673 SH
69 Pyx Pyxis Pyxidis Compass 221 SH
70 Ret Reticulum Reticuli Reticle 114 SH
71 Sge Sagitta Sagittae Arrow 80 NH
72 Sgr Sagittarius Sagittarii Archer 867 SH Rukbat
73 Sco Scorpius Scorpii Scorpion 497 SH Antares
74 Scl Sculptor Sculptoris Sculptor 475 SH
75 Sct Scutum Scuti Shield 109 SH
76 Ser Serpens Serpentis Serpent 637 NH-SH Unuck al Hai
77 Sex Sextans Sextantis Sextant 314 SH
78 Tau Taurus Tauri Bull 797 NH Aldebaran
79 Tel Telescopium Telescopii Telescope 252 SH
80 Tri Triangulum Trianguli Triangle 132 NH Ras al Mothallah
81 TrA Triangulum Australe Trianguli Australis Southern Triangle 110 SH Atria
82 Tuc Tucana Tucanae Toucan 295 SH
83 UMa Ursa Major Ursae Majoris Great Bear 1280 NH Dubhe
84 UMi Ursa Minor Ursae Minoris Little Bear 256 NH Polaris
85 Vel Vela Velorum Sails 500 SH
86 Vir Virgo Virginis Virgin 1294 NH-SH Spica
87 Vol Volans Volantis Flying Fish 141 SH
88 Vul Vulpecula Vulpeculae Fox 268 NH


    Asterisms are sub- or supersets of constellations which build a constellation itself, or a group of stars, physically related or not. Best kown is the Big Dipper as a part of the Great Bear. But there are more than just this one. Below you find the:


    Beehive Located in the constellation Cancer. It is an open star cluster, which is also called Praesepe or M44 and faintly visible to the naked eye.
    With the stars gamma Can and delta Can it forms another asterisms called the Asses and the Manger. 
    Belt of Orion is being formed by the stars delta Ori, epsilon Ori and zeta Ori; in Latin Amerika it is called the "Three Marys". 
    Bier is being built by the four stars alpha UMa, beta UMa, gamma UMa and delta UMa. 
    Big Dipper most famous asterism. Formed by the following Stars of the Great Bear alpha UMa, beta UMa, gamma UMa, delta UMa, epsilon UMa, zeta UMa and eta UMa, it is often called "Wain" (Wagon) or "Charles's Wain" because of its resemblance with it when the Dipper handle is thought to be the wagon tongue. 
    Bull of Poniatowski A T-shaped asterism just east of gamma Oph; it is formed by the stars 66 Oph, 67 Oph, 68 Oph and 70 Oph 
    Circlet the western fish; the circlet is formed by gamma Psc, b Psc, theta Psc, iota Psc, 19 Psc, lambda Psc and kappa Psc. 
    Coalsack Actually this is not a true asterism, but a dark patch on the Milky Way, in the constellation Crux. By the African Bushmen it was called "Old Bag". 
    Frederick's Glory is formed by iota And, kappa And, lambda And and psi And
    Guardians of the Pole just beta UMi and gamma UMi
    Head of Cetus presented by alpha Cet, gamma Cet, xi_2 Cet, mu Cet and lambda Cet
    Heavenly G nine bright stars forming a G-shaped group. Seven of these stars are of 1st magnitude. In order they are: Aldebaran (alpha Tau), Capella (alpha Aur), Castor (alpha Gem), Pollux (beta Gem), Procyon (alpha CMi), Sirius (alpha CMa), Rigel (beta Ori), Bellatrix (gamma Ori) and Betelgeuse (alpha Ori)
    Hyades open cluster; V-shaped group superposed on alpha Tau, gamma Tau, delta Tau and epsilon Tau
    Hydra Head build by delta Hya, epsilon Hya, zeta Hya, eta Hya, rho Hya and sigma Hya
    Job's Coffin formed by the four stars alpha Del, beta Del, gamma Del and delta Del 
    Keystone is formed by the epsilon Her, zeta Her, eta Her and pi Her 
    Kids are called epsilon Aur, zeta Aur and eta Aur 
    Lozenge build by the four stars beta Dra, gamma Dra, xi Dra and nu Dra 
    Milk Dipper The following five members of the constallation Sagittarius can be interpreted as an inverted dipper in the Milky Way: zeta Sgr, tau Sgr, sigma Sgr, phi Sgr and lambda Sgr. This asterism is also known as The Teapot.
    Northern Cross is formed by the leading stars of the constellation Cygnus: alpha Cyg, beta Cyg, gamma Cyg, delta Cyg and epsilon Cyg 
    Northern Fly This is a small triangle over the rear of Aries 
    Pleiades Located in the constellation Taurus. This open star cluster is one of the Messier objects, M45. It also known as Seven Sisters or, in Latin America the Seven Little Goats
    Segment of Perseus the stars eta Per, gamma Per, alpha Per, delta Per, epsilon Per and zeta Per forming an arc.
    Sickle formed by alpha Leo, eta Leo, gamma Leo, zeta Leo, mu Leo and epsilon Leo
    Square of Pegasus At the edges of that square you find alpa Peg, beta Peg, gamma Peg and alpha And 
    Sword of Orion theta Ori and iota Ori; between them the famous Orion Nebula (M42) is located.
    Venus Mirror also on Orion; the belt stars (delta Ori, epsilon Ori and zeta Ori), the sword and eta Ori build up this asterism. The sword forms the handle of the diamond-shaped mirror. 
    Y of Aquarius also called Water Jar; the Y is build by gamma Aqr, eta Aqr, pi Aqr and zeta Aqr