Robert Makemson Guide to Astronomy in Jacksonville

Civil Engineering Calculations

Robert Makemson Designs Dome Homes
Observational Physics
Earth and Planetary Science
Outer Limits of Space
Tonight's Sky for Jacksonville Astronomy
Virtual Interactive Solar-system Telescope

  • Hydrology calculations, open channel calculations, culvert calculations, sewer calculations and water force main calculations.
  • Traffic and road geometry calculations, surveying and earthwork calculations, pavement calculations and concrete floors-on-grade calculations.
  • Shallow foundation calculations, reinforced concrete cantilever retaining wall calculations, concrete column calculations, concrete beam calculations and suspended concrete floor calculations.
  • Steel shape properties, steel column calculations, steel beam calculations, steel tension member calculations, steel connector calculations and steel welding calculations.
  • Allowable Stress Design calculations for concrete masonry walls, Allowable Stress Design calculations for concrete masonry columns, Structural wood calculations using both Allowable Stress Design and Load Resistance Factor Design, engineering economic calculations and unit conversion calculations.