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Solar X-ray Image

Solar X-ray Image

Solar Cycle


Aurora North

Aurora South


X Ray Flux


3-day Solar Xray Flux graph

This plot shows 3-days of 5-minute solar x-ray flux values measured on the SWPC primary GOES satellite. One low value may appear prior to eclipse periods. Click on the plot to open an updating secondary window. 6-hour 1-min Solar X-ray Flux plot.

Satellite Environment Plot

3-day Satellite Environment graph and image map. link to Proton Plotlink to Electron Plotlink to GOES Mag. Plotlink to Kp Plot

Proton Flux from GOES-13, Electron Flux and GOES Hp from GOES-13 & GOES-15

Current Solar Data (from NOAA)

Solar X-rays: status
Geomagnetic Field: kpstatus
  • Add an X-ray flare and Geomagnetic storm monitor to your website!
  • The full Current Solar Data page
  • Glossary and Information about these plots (noaa web site)
  • X-Ray Flux Satellite Environment (combined) Electron Flux
    Magnetometer Estimated Kp Index GOES 8 Proton Flux
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