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the Black Stone Meteorite

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The Black Stone



the Black Stone Meteorite by Elisa Lauren   

Avicenna is one of the highest scholarships in the Brethren of Purity.

    We are honored to be hosting an Avicenna lecture on the Black Stone also called Ḥajar al-Aswad.

    The Black Stone is a meteorite that historical documents say dates back to the creation of Man. (Adam)

Legend has it that it is a breakaway or was sent from an astronomical body called Apophis, as a warning.

     In Egyptian Mythology Apophis is not only viewed as astronomical body but also to mankind, it was able to materialize as a snake or serpent.

    Today Modern astronomers talk about Apophis 99942 a near earth object 400 meters wide.

    In about 28 years Apophis will be about 130000 miles from earth. It may pass through a gravitational resonance keyhole that can causes it to hit the earth.

    Just the handout with the resonance keyhole equations makes attendance worthwhile!

    This is a don't miss lecture.

     Date. TBA