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Quantum Entanglement of Knots theory

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Quantum Entanglement of Knots theory confirms Death Nebulae hit earth by Zang Grey
 Hidden variable theory is now being used in conjunction with Lord Kelvin’s concept of describing all types of matter as different types of knots.
This new way of thinking reportedly uses a special type of augmented Homfly polynomial for the irreducible invariant knots. Its called Quantum Entanglement of Knots theory (QEKT).
Lord M says, “I started thinking about this theory as a child, when at the bottom of my closet I saw clothes hangers linked together in a mess. I thought their was something about nature that tends cause this? A few have argued that this is just a rehash of the Kaluza Klein theory of Gravitation but I strongly disagree."
Anyway by observing an object in space 65 million light years away we can tell about certain phenomena that happened recently on earth. What happens here is instantly effecting what happens there. Worse, it affected what happened there 65 millions years ago.
How do we know iridium here is entangled to iridium there?
Recently the Shijian telescope satellite has discovered iridium spectra lines of wavelengths 5299 and 5450 coming from within nebulae near the Fornax cluster emitted 65 million years in the past.
What most don’t know is the United Nations has been compiling thousands of tons of iridium since it was first chartered.
Very recently in fact days after, what can only be described as a colossal measurements of the UN’s stock-piled iridium atomic structure.
 It was noticed that some of the iridium’s spectral lines from that same nebulae near the Fornax clusters were polarized.
 This effect was first postulated as a thought experiment.
 Basically things like positrons and electrons are created in pairs and should obey conservations of angular momentum and if you measure one of them in a given direction for example: the spin of the positron you know something about the spin of the electron even if the information gets to you faster than the speed of light, allowing time reversal for some velocities frame of reference, this induced a Hidden Variable Theory as an explanation which led to contradiction of Bells inequality as well as experimental evidence in 1972 that led to QEKT theory.
 I apologize I had to leave out some of the detail because I didn't want to write a run-on sentence.
For more on Quantum Entanglement of Knots theory (QEKT), Lord M plans a lecture in May of 2012.
Why is Iridium so important to the United Nations?
 It can be used as a Space Weapon.
This brings us to the Death Nebulae Theory.
An iridium rich Death Nebulae moving close to the speed of light is an anomaly that was first thought of by Nobel laureate Luis W. Alvarez. (Luis W. Alvarez, who worked for the CIA on and off most of his professional life is also known for his Senate testimony that Lee Harvey Oswald’s magic bullet that killed President Kennedy was scientifically consistent.)
 Anyways, one Death Nebulae may have caused the Cretaceous Tertiary extinction event where the gases and dust from the the Nebulae blocked out the sun and caused an ice age, leaving an iridium rich layer.
 The age of this layer is believed to coincide with the extinction of the dinosaurs and 70 percent of all life forms 65 million years ago.
We can see this extinction mostly by examining rock layers high in mountains like the Rockies that contained fossilized plants small sea creatures and Micro-biota.
We date the layers, find an iridium rich layer and see a long time passes before a less divergent layer of fossilized sea creatures appears.
 The reason iridium is so indicative of the theory, is most of the iridium on the earths surface is believed to have percolated and been adsorbed by the mantle and core, billions of years ago due to its high density.
A Death Nebulae would have brought a new iridium rich layer as much as 1000 times richer than the normal surface.

Zang Grey