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Meteor Mining Town

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March 15 2011

Meteor Mining Town by Ivy Drew

 I was raised in Middleberg, Kentucky my family were the most eagle eyed backwoods Top-loaders amongst all the folk in the state.

Ours is a Iron mining community.

The Cherokees called our land Chitehew.

We were all surprised a few weeks ago when them folks from the Geological Survey came around and told us our town was built on a 300 million year old Meteor crater.

Git this they say, "thats where the Iron came from."

 But I say that meteor din’t just bring us Iron we have some of the most fertile land in the state.

 I was wondering why so many in our town have claimed visitation by them Native American impostors. I mean they wear feather head-resses but their skin ain’t flesh colored more like the liquid at bottom of thermometers.

Rumor has it that’s because they must be hangin out in the same places. (He HE)

As a yungin at one of the families Mutton Barbecues I saw a whole brood of them. As we watched they stood in a circle flames surrounded them the sky lit up and they disappeared. They do this a lot and even appear with these flames and light. So they got the name Chitehew Phoenix by local indian tribesman.

 I was hoping you could help explain how the metals from a Meteor might make this an attractive place for these Phoenix to land or take off?

Jacksonville's Lord M wrote me saying, " It could be we are living on a Giant Parabolic Dish Antenna. "

Anyway these commercials where people introduce themselves and say,  "I'm a Phoenix". This is star-ten to scare us Good- old-boys . (He He)

Hope you Exogeologist can help!!