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Grimace of the Great Minds

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Grimace of the Great Minds by Zang Grey

In 1976 Viking Spacecraft 1 photographed a Face on Mars but not until recent use of facial recognition software have we come up with a match.

 Its not so unusual most Apple users are use to it when a software working in the background with Apple- iPhoto points out relatives in their photo database.

Its a great free program but its real use is to notifie  the government’t through back-door if they find a match for people they want to offer American hospitality too.

Well this 800-foot-high monument matched a whole family.

The relatives of who have contributed to some of the greatest leaps in science.

 Ask yourself this.  Why does the names  Gauss, Euler, Newton and Leonardo da Vinci come up so often in different areas of math science and secret society lore?

 This entire family has now been relocated to Area 54.

 Information about them is now very hard to get.

I'm told the people at wikileaks may go public with more information about them soon.

Even all their Facebook accounts have  been deleted.

You may ask how come we are only finding out about them now.
 First only one out of a hundred in this family has the facial features noticed by the recognition software.
Most were found from later DNA samples.
The main problem was with data compression.
The major government contractor for digital image process  Joint Photographic Experts Group (Jpeg) first converted to a Unitary Basis using the Fourier Series  for their lossless step but the threshold loss was too great.  Although the FFT was fast!
 Then they tried wavelets which had a nice inverse matrix still the thresholding loss was too great and the conversion was to slow.
It wasn’t till the NSA came up with the Conway Basis used in-conjunction with entropy based thresholding that the government was able to sift through hundreds of billions of the pictures.

  The questions I  would ask are:

"When was there a colony on Mars?

 What planet's colony was it? 

Why were these guys so adored?

 And did they contribute to the disaster that befell  the Martian civilization?"

 Obviously they came here to escape what happened there.

To be continued

Zang Grey