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Linear B To-pa-po-ro-i Text Hypothesis

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April 5 2011

The Linear B To-pa-po-ro-i Text Hypothesis by Zang Grey

 The Catalog of ships in the second chapter of the Iliad is the best way to date the story of Troy.

The whole story seemed bogus until the year 1880 when geologist realized some of those ships came from cites that had not yet been discovered at the time but were destroyed way before 1100 BC. (The Schliemann date for the Trojan War).

 Basically we dig up a city find its date of destruction and its name, then completely by accident found their location and names are mentioned in the catalog of ships sent to join Agamemnon in his war against the Trojans.

 By dating these cities most exogeologist have come to the logical conclusion that the story of Troy is from at latest 1800 B.C. Way into the Mycenaean age.

These Mycenaean Greeks didn’t have normal human values according to the Iliad.

Killing your daughter (Iphigenia) because the wind didn’t blow the right way or beating a handicapped man for speaking the truth made you great in their minds. (Thersites both lame and hunch backed).

Friedrich Nietzsche later opined in Beyond Good and Evil that we see this behavior as wrong because of our slave mentality.

 But why did I digress? 

 Most experts agree the orthodox view of an 1100 B.C. date for the Trojan War disagrees with the Linear B To-pa-po-ro-i Hypothesis.

 Anyway its not hard for me to believe that if you don’t have human values and have things like force fields protecting your body except where your feet touch the ground so you can traverse without blowing apart the ground you walk on. ( Achilles).

 You might not be from around here.

Whether you’ve heard of it as Najm or Electra old names for stars in the Pleiades.

 The Pleiades today is known to be the closes cluster of stars to earth.

The aforementioned To-pa-po-ro-i Text suggest that a Comet coming from the direction of that cluster appeared and destroyed Troy in 1900 BC.

In theory a Comets can be used as a giant capacitor gaining charges from solar wind then it can release an Electromagnetic pulse EMP just by skimming the earths atmosphere ionizing it.

This can be quite destructive to a bronze or copper based society.

The text says, "Someone during the war was pissed when a lucky shot with an arrow hit him in the foot. "

The Linear B text also mentions a much larger Comet induced EMP event  in 1200 BC.  

It may have resulted in entire Mycenaean civilization being destroyed.

Salt water is a great conductor and disperser of EMP. So the so called Sea People must have faired best. 

Notably Egypt also survived because of its reliance on wood, stone and pyramid.

But forget the history lesson.

Today the Comet Elenin may prove the  To-po-po-ro-i Text  Hypothesis.

Being partially composed of Hydrogen Cyanide an excellent dielectric needed to be a strong capacitor it may get close enough to emit an EMP.

Anyway Comet Elenin maybe a great event to study.

Cross your fingers.

Its discharge date should be around Oct. 16 2011

Zang Grey