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The Stark Effect used to find Black Dwarfs

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The Stark Effect used to find Black Dwarfs by Zang Grey

 First I should mention that I personally believe in free will.

We’ve all seen it happen. A bully starts picking on someone and someone else joins in for no apparent reason acting with even more hate towards the bullied then the bully did.

Most of our reaction when we watch this is, “What the hell was that.”

This hatred triggering hatred might explain why survivors of the Holocaust have overwhelmingly testified the Nazi’s enthusiastically carried out atrocities.

Neo-Darwinist could use the argument that this hatred triggering hatred is a genetic mutation or adaptation that allows coordination of a group to attack threats or prey.

Of coarse I’m not saying none of the Nazis had reservations about what they were doing.

It certainly didn’t help when they turned to their ministers and priests and were told “Go get those Christ Killers.”

I think Hitler attempted to breed this trait by using SS men in the Lebensborn programme.

Their is a great deal of anecdotal evidence that this trait if it exists does not indicate a lack of intelligence.

One great example is the Noble Prize winner for physics Johannes Stark.

A Nazi, Johannes Stark learned to hate everything associated with Jews.

In fact when another Nazi nobel laureate Werner Heisenberg said he agreed with a Jewish physicist Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, Johannes Stark attacked Heisenberg in the press. Calling him  a “ White Jew”.

Heisenberg was certainly no friend to the Jews but he felt threatened.

After all, this hoopla might have interfered with Heisenberg desire to build an atomic bomb for the Germans so they could conquer the world.

So Heisenberg turned to a close family friend Heinrich Himmler for help and the matter was dropped in the Nazi press.

The appellation of Hatred Triggering Hatred is a truly amazing effect epitomized by Stark.

In physics Stark lends his name to the another moniker also called the Stark Effect (or Stark broadening).

 Stark broadening is exceptionally large in White Dwarf stars.

Basically if you look at the spectrum of hydrogen in an electric field endemic to white dwarfs the spectral line are broadened or split if you like.

Just as first observed by Johannes Stark when he put hydrogen atoms in an external static electric field.

 The Stark Effect may be the way to find a Black Dwarf. White Dwarfs are part of the evolution of stars of 9 solar masses or less and in theory can become Black Dwarfs.

Why is finding a Black Dwarf so important for theoretical physics?

The universe is estimated to have begun 13.7 Billion years ago in what they called the Big Bang.

But the theoretical  time it takes a White dwarf to become a Black Dwarf is a Quadrillion years.

This would mean the stars that created the Black Dwarf were at least 70 times older then the  Big Bang.

 Finding a Black Dwarf would help confirm the theory that Multiple Big Bangs have super-positioned mass on each other.

How can we find a Black Dwarf?

Theoretical physicist Lord M says “Forget using gravity to find a Black Dwarf.

Based on perturbation theory I would look for 9 to 4.5 degree Kelvin hydrogen with Stark broadened by half-widths up to several hundred Angstroms.”

Applications for observatory use are now being submitted.

To be continued

Zang Grey