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Solar Eclipses

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"the day was all of a sudden changed into night. This event had been foretold by Thales, the Milesian, who forewarned the Ionians of it, fixing for it the very year in which it took place.

The Medes and Lydians, when they observed the change, ceased fighting, and were alike anxious to have terms of peace agreed on."                         


Thales of Miletus

I consider myself a Greek scholar.

 I've written extensively on the subject.

I have even written a play about Alcibiades, Socrates greatest student.

So can say, Herodotus must have imbibed a lot. 

Trust me I know a drunk when I read one.

The Whole Magilla, about 300 men under King Leonidas of Sparta at Thermopile and the Battle Of Salamis as scaring King Xerxes is an interpretation brought on by drunken self-adulation. ( 480 B.C.)

Thermopile and Salamis were minor skirmishes.

A little aside by Herodotus in his book Histories, mentions a plague in the camp of the Persians ( probably Bubonic).

 This is the logical reason he left the field.

Xerxes left a million men to fight the Greeks when he and his sons and brothers and relatives and friends went back to Persepolis .

His aids must have said don’t bring your men supplies, ships or anything that might bring a plague back to Persia and kill three quarters of the population.

The Book of Ester certainly describes Xerxes as a man easily swayed by his advisors.

 I admire Xerxes as a great destroyer of popular culture but many called him a dick.

No wonder the eunuchs tried to murder him.

More to the point the eclipse mentioned by Herodotus at the beginning of Xerxes campaign against the Greeks was an alcohol induced hallucination.

 In the next few lectures I will explain how Thales should have predicted the eclipse using an ancient Pythagoreans system.

                   Lord M