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Mercury our Memory

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Mercury by Zang Grey

Mercury is the second most dense of all the planets. 

With an iron core that takes up 75 percent of the planet's volume.

Mercury's was first called Nabu by Babylonians. 

Nabu was their god of wisdom and writing, the keeper of the Dup Shimati (Tablets of Destiny).

The Tablets of Destiny may be the Akashic records mentioned by psychic Edgar Cayce.

A total history of mankind put there by future time travelers to the past.

Anyway, Why does Mercury have such a weird core?

If Mercury’s core is made up of crystalline iron nanoparticle shuttles enclosed within the hollow of a multi-walled carbon nanotube. Some physicists have theorized it could be a super memory storage device that could last billions of years.

 Mercury's surface can reach 800 degrees Fahrenheit but with no atmosphere to spread the heat it could also have ice in the shaded parts.

 One of the first verification of General Relativity was its explanation of the perihelion shift of Mercury.

Zang Grey