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The Ice Moon Oberon

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The Ice Moon Oberon by Zang Grey
 Uranus IV or the ice moon Oberon is the second biggest of Uranus’s moon.

 It is 475 miles in radius but its not perfectly round.
Discovered in 1787 it is thought to be made of 50 percent ice and water. 
I say where there is ice their is vapor and that means atmosphere.

An unidentified substance covers the floors of many of Oberon's craters.

It may be a gelatinous slime tipically on earth represented as protists life form that use spores to reproduce.

Or It may be dirty water.

In either case Oberon is the best place to look for life in our solar system.

 Voyager 2 in 1986 took some interesting pictures of Oberon.
Including that of 12 mile high conehead shaped mountain.
The moon is not currently volcanically active.
Oberon is named after a mythological figure Aoberon.
 He was the keeper of the treasure in the Nibelungenlied.
The Nibelungenlied is basically a 12th century Pornographic Germanic text.
 Involving bondage 
Female bodybuilder domination by wrestling.
 And defloration of a lesbian by an invisible man.
It should start out with, Dear Penthouse forum.

Zang Grey