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Dec 25 2002 Altered Reality Syndrome Reported
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Altered Reality Syndrome Reported

Strange Chess News by Bradley Zang

 Altered Reality Syndrome Reported

 Some how on Dec 1, via internet, an unconventional chess news writer, Sam Sloan got a false reports that 23 year old Grand Master Peter Leko died in a car accident.

 With-in hours of this Sam Sloan had put the news of Peter Leko's death out to chess players all over the world. It is reported that Peter Leko was kept awake all night in the town of Szeged (Hungary) and was unable to make a meeting in Budapest the next day.

This may have kept Leko off the notorious M0 ring road whose nick- name is "death road", where a near fatal accident was reported the next day.

Could Artificial Monads be involved?

 Monads were conceived of by a mathematician name Gotffried Wilhelm Leibnitz. Leibnitz a chess player may also have been the first to invent calculus, but, Sir Isaac Newton was given credit for it.

Not because Newton published it first, but because Leibnitz asked the Royal Society at Oxford to decide (for history) who invented calculus. {The famed Royal Society's report against Leibnitz in 1712 (Commercium epistolicum ) finally decided for history that Leibnitz was a plagiarizer and Newton the inventor of calculus.

 Of coarse Newton was President of the Royal Society at the time and the report was written by Newton in his own handwriting.

 With this background let Eros Neumann, President of the Monadian Chess Club of Budapest tell his story.

First let me thank you for hearing my story, no other reputable chess news letter would. Our group have been devotees of Chess and Math Mysticism for over three centuries.

 You may ask why our group has been in Hungary, after all Leibnitz was German? To avoid persecution for heresy because the Newtonians told the church we were deists.

A friend and chess companion of Leibnitz, the Bishop Spinola moved our group to Hungary where he was in charge and could protect us.

 But we still remain a secret society for reasons I will explain why later.

It was Leibnitz, who first noticed that the Maths of geometry and Algebra differed so much universal algebra and Monads a psychic particle of nature had to be realized.

 At our clubs MCCB tournaments we even use Artificial Monad Descriptive Notation instead of algebraic notation. [IE Instead of 1. Nf3. We write the representative Monads of the board where the qualities of monads can simulate all the spatial content. Then the square with a knight is written as a specific determinations of the qualities.] It's a lot longer but in this world which is the best of all possible worlds complexity is always better.

 A chess master by the name of Sir Roger Penrose (Professor at University of Oxford ) was the first of modern day physicist to prove higher monads exist. He proved that a more efficient low energy state could exit if the elements in a crystal had the foresight where to go. The crystal would have a surface pattern (This is called tessellation and for obvious reasons chess players excell at this type of geometry.) that looked like it was covered by Penrose tiles.

 (Basically this is a way to cover a surface with no repeating patterns, no gaps and no overlaps.)Then physicist Dan Shechtman found this quasi crystal existed. (It is as though the sofa in your house was placed exactly where you needed to sit down when you got tired in the future saving energy. )

This is empirical proof that a Monad out of time was guiding a quasi crystalline structures development. But ChessMaster Penrose won't admit to the existence of Monads.

Why? Because he is deeply involved in the Royal Society at Oxford and knows they will destroy anyone's reputation who supports the Leibnitzians. The Royal society is the reason our group is so secretive, many of their group are connected with MI6 (James Bonds Organization) and they wont stop until the ruin the lives of every Leibnitian.

 Artificial Monad in future chess engines will some day enable access to the fixed network services from virtually anywhere and any time.

 It's logical to assume that some chess engine in the future designed to play like Peter Leko ( To it the greatest chess player of the New Millennium!) might realize that his early demise could be prevented.

 How? By starting a rumor of his death on the internet a day before the accident. With a message sent into the past via internet. The news of an auto accident would make anyone hesitant to get in a car the next day. It would clearly changed Leko's daily routine and disrupted the time line. In this case by keeping him awake all night so he couldn't make the meeting in Budapest.

 We went to check on Peter Leko story at his training camp in Sezged to find out about his plans to meet someone in Budapest and his route which included a drive on the MO "death road".

 We always investigate possible artificial Monad interference in the time line. Their were other reporters there. What a our members heard and saw amazed us. See when ever a reality is changed their is a feedback loop.

Why? As in this example Leko didn't die in the car accident so he is standing where you are looking. He is alive and the time line is changed. But then the chess engine in the future (which uses artificial not natural monads) didn't know to send the hoax message into the past to stop Leko's death. He is dead so he is not standing where you are looking. But then the time line changed back where he did die, so the message was sent back in time stopping his death again. He is alive so he is standing where you are looking.

 See what I mean. It is usually accompanied by a squealing sound like you get when a mike is too close to a speaker at Kareoke machine.

 If you have strong psychic sensitivity you can even see the person with altered reality syndrome vibrating in and out of reality. Sort of like the blur you see when you look a guitar string resonation a note. For most this happens so fast you don't see or hear anything.

Everyone in my club has some sort of ESP and can notice the feed back when they stand near Peter Leko. But I'm the only one they forced to be hospitalized for it because the other won't admit it they heard the squeal too.

 Clearly a Royal Society member posing as a British chess reporters overheard my claims had me confined. Please investigate.

 Our co editor Brad Zang refused to allow the investigation committee to be formed. He said, " No one messes with the Royal Society. Gottfried Leibnitz ended up institutionalized for trying to take them on. He was finally released on his death bed because he admitted he might have accidentally seen Newton's papers on the subject of calculus before publishing".