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September 25 2003 Reverse Reincarnation Reported
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Reverse re-incarnation reported

Edgar Cacey

Reverse re-incarnation Reported      by Bradley Zang

Reverse re-incarnation assumes time is not unidirectional a belief we have because we haven't observed non linear time yet.

Yes even of those past life memories people report to remember under hypnosis may be future lives.

Oh! Have you ever thought of a new idea, then suddenly remember someone saying that exact idea to you?

What is that all about?

 With this Background let Tomas Moerk tell his story. "I've been a hypnotist for 45 years now. I've helped all types of people over eaters, smokers even people with phobias working here in my native Norway.

Did you know Freud only invented free association because he didn't know how to hypnotise people. He even flip flopped on his belief in the validity of recessed memories.

 Since my childhood I've been involved in chess. Many chessophrenetics in Europe come to me for help. A gentlemen even once paid me to try an hypnotise Viktor Korchnoi in a match with Karpov.

 He wanted me to get Korchnoi into a trance during a game to help Korchnoi sleep, but for some reason they wouldn't let me in the room that the game was going on. Anyway I had a patient suffering from chessomania some 40 years ago.

I can not give his name for ethical reasons. I shall call him Patient Alpha. Alpha was a friend and chess companion of mine. During our first session while under hypnotic trance Alpha would recite numbers to me. This went on for six hours. I could not bring him out of it. I tried everything snapping my fingers, slapping him, throwing cold water on his face but nothing worked.

 Finally I put a chess board in front of him and placed his hand on each piece. He started calling out moves not looking at the board. Soon I was playing him chess only he always beat me.

We discussed many thing during the next 14 hours of playing chess. Then my patient opened his eyes and said he didn't remember what happened in our session. About a year ago I heard my friend Patient Alpha died.

I believe his obsession with chess never went away, but it did help him eventually to become a master. Two months ago while playing on US Chess Live a chat window popped up. The other person chatting with me claimed to be patient Alpha. I played along asking him personal questions.

I said, "But you've been dead over a year now!" He claimed, the Lebnitizians of Chess downloaded his conscousness into a computer that had access to the Web and US Chess Live.

 I said, " Prove you are my patient." He recited some of the games we played. I said that "proved nothing some of our games are even published."

 He then said, "Write something bizzare to him." So I wrote "the Black bishop is always stronger than the White bishop." Suddenly I remembered patient Alpha while in a trance said those exact words to me.

 This happened several other times. What ever bizarre thought popped into my mind that I typed into the chat box, I then remembered patient Alpha saying to me during his trance.

 Even questions I asked, I sudenly remembered he asked. Later I checked my notes taken during our session 40 yeats ago.

Those were the quotes I jotted down. I thought he was reciting jibberish at the time

. He then said "Get me out of this computer. We have been changing the time line just by our conversation. I have many past lives.

 Tell the Leibnitzians I have many past lives I will change the timeline to something hideous if you don't let me out of here."

Since the Jax Chess News has already reported on the Leibnitzians of chess I thought you could help get the word out to them. "