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This month our group is accepting postings on Zarathrusta.

 Aristotle claims Zarathustra was born 8400 years ago.

So he may be the oldest poet of record.

 Friedrich Nietzsche's Thus Spake Zarathrusta is considered an opus by extistentialist but a comedy by us.

More importantly most philosphers attribute the development of the Star War Trilogy to Zarathrusta's writings.

Of the 17 surviving poems (Gathas) I have chosen for discussion Spentamainyush Gatha Yasna 47.

 1. For his Spirit and for Best Thought, deed, and word, in accordance with Right Mazda Ahura with Dominion and Piety shall give us Welfare and Immortality.

2. The best of this most Spirit he fulfills with the tongue through words of Good Thought, with work of his hands through the action of Piety, by virtue of this knowledge: he, even Mazda, is the Father of Right.

 3. Thou art the Father of this Spirit, which has created for us the luck-bringing cattle, and for its pasture to give it peace Piety, when he had taken counsel, O Mazda, with Good Thought.

 4. From this Spirit have Liars fallen away, O Mazda, but not the Righteous. Whether one is lord of little or of much, he is to show love to the righteous, but be ill unto the Liar.

5. And all the best things which by this Spirit thou hast promised to the righteous, O Mazda Ahura, shall the Liar partake of them without thy will, who by his actions is on the side of Ill Thought?

 6. Through this Spirit, Mazda Ahura, and through the Fire thou wilt give the division of good to the two parties, with support of Piety and Right. This verily will convert many who are ready to hear.

We invite comments.


This months book for discussion is

 Lewis Carroll in Numberland by Robin Wilson

 A biography of Lewis Carroll with his favorite math problems.

Date: Feb 25 2012

Location: Country Club

Time: 12:00 P.M.


                                                              Lord M

Most of our meetings have been in local pubs

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