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Sir Karl Raimund Popper

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Sir Karl Raimund Popper (1902 –1994)

 Like I always say, “Do the Math or Join the Cult of Moronity”.

 But I say forgive this Faux pas in Popper's case for he was a giant in the Philosophy of science.

See unfortunately for his reputation he wanted to find his own way of showing the Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen Paradox.

Basically he hoped to prove the Copenhagen interpretation with a quantum entanglement experiment that would show his so called Popper effect.

The problem is he didn’t do the Math.

M. J. Collet and R. Loudon pointed out that once the uncertainty in the position of the source is taken into account, the blurring introduced washes out the Popper effect.

Put more simply, if your going to use experimental physics to disprove some type of theoretical physics.

You have to make sure the theoretical physics doesn’t predict the same results as your predicted experimental results.

Or even more simply Popper is saying with his experiment , “Let me prove your wrong by proving what your saying is right.”

 Lord M