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6500 BC first farming begins in Greece and the Aegean, beginning of European Neolithic period
3200-2000 BC early Cycladic civilization in the Aegean
3000 BC Neolithic culture replaced by Bronze Age/ construction of walled citadels in the Mediterranean
2000 BC Indo-Europeans invade and settle in the Peloponnese, Minoan civilization flourishes on mainland Greece, sails used for the first time of boats in the Aegean
1730 BC Earthquake destroys royal palaces on Crete
1700-1600 BC the Telchines (=Minoans) arrive on Rhodes, Kasos, and Telos from Crete. The Carians arrive on Kos, Nisyros, and Kalymnos fromAsia Minor. The Pelasgians arrive on Syme.
1650 BC Linear A script
1500 BC Volcano on Santorini erupts, the first Mycenaeans arrive on the Dodecanese from the Greek mainland/ Linear B script
1450 BC first destruction of Minoan Crete
1200 BC Destruction of Mycenaean civilization by the Sea Peoples. 150 years of Dark Age begins under these sub-Myceneans/ Second destruction of Minoan Crete
1050 BC Dorian Invasion, collapse of the Mycenaean civilization. The Dorians came from the North and settled in the South. They also settled inLakedaimonia at about this time.
1000 BC iron industry established in the Aegean
900 BC end of the Greek Dark Age, beginning of the Geometric period
9th Century BC the first city-states in the Dodecanese (Lindos, Kamiros, and Ialysos) formed a military alliance centred at the sanctuary of Apollo onRhodes
826 BC the Arabs establish themselves in Crete
776 BC 1st Olympic Games held in Greece
750 BC the spread of Greek colonization throughout the Mediterranean and Black Sea/Homer's Iliad and Hesiod's poetry first written down
700 BC beginning of the Archaic period in Greece (until 500BC)
690 BC Etruscan script developed from Greek
650 BC rise of the Tyrants, reforms of the Lykourgos in Sparta/first Greek coins/rise of Greek lyric poetry
640 BC Kylon, an Athenian nobleman won an event at the Olympic Games
624 BC Drakon codifies Athenian law (Date sometimes given as 621/0 BC)
600 BC Greek colony of Massalia (Marseilles) founded
594/3 BC Solon is appointed and reforms Drakon's laws in Athens
585 BC Greek rationalist philosophy begins
514 BC the tyrannicides; the assassination of Hipparchos by Harmodios and Aristogeiton, attempted assassination of his brother Hippias
510 BC Kleisthenes persuades the Spartans to drive Hippias out of Athens
505 BC Kleisthenes founds democracy in Athens
500 BC end of the Archaic period in Greece
5th Century BC Persian invasions. The Persians are defeated at Plataea, Marathon, Mycale, and Salamis
494 BC Persians suppress Ionian revolt
490 BC Persian invasion of Greece defeated at Marathon
480 BC Persians defeated at the Battles of Salamis and Plataiai
479 BC the end of the Persian Wars, the Dodecanese join the Athenian League
479-338 BC period of Greek Classical Culture
478 BC formation of the Confederacy of Athenian leadership/Confederacy of Deloa
449 BC Peace of Kallas - a temporary halt to the fighting between the Athenians and the Persians
460-446 BC First Peloponnesian War
431-404 BC Peloponnesian War between Sparta and Athens
450 BC Apogee of Athens
413 BC the destruction of the Athenian fleet in Sicily, the Dodecanese leave the Athenian League
409 BC Carthage sends embassy to Athens
408 BC creation of new city in Rhodes
4th Century BC -Peloponnesian War between Sparta and Athens

-Macedonians and Thebans take control of Greece

371 BC  Battle of Leuctra, defeat of the Spartans
356 BC Philip of Macedon rules Macedon
357-355 BC Social War and Sacred War
350 BC Mausoleum built at Halikarnassos
349 BC Philip of Macedon invades Chalkidike
338 BC Battle of Chaironeia - Macedonian victory over Greece
336 BC the assassination of Philip of Macedon at Pella/Alexander the Great takes over the Macedonian throne
334 BC Alexander the Great invades the Persian Empire/Battle of Granikos  Persians defeated by Alexander the Great
333 BC Macedonian victory at Issos
332 BC  Alexander the Great conquers Egypt
331 BC Persians defeated at Gaugemela
330 BC  Persepolis captured
329-329 BC Alexander the Great campaigns in Bactria and Soglia
326 BC Macedonian victory at Hydaspes
317 BC Philip III of Macedon assassinated
308 BC deaths of Alexander IV and Roxana
307 BC Athens captured by Antigonos
281 BC Battle of Korupedion, Lysimachos defeated by Seleukos/Seleukos assassinated
277 BC Celtic armies defeated at Lysimacheia
197 BC The Romans gain control from the Macedonians
86 BC The Roman general Sulla destroys Piraeus
42 BC Cassius destroys Rhodes
269 AD The Goths raided the islands of the Aegean
324 AD Byzantium founded by Constantine the Great
330 AD formal inauguration of Byzantium
395 AD the Aegean islands came under control of the eastern Roman Empire
515 AD an earthquake destroys nearly half the cities of the Eastern Mediterranean including the city of Rhodes
7th Century AD Library of Alexandria destroyed by fire
654 AD the Arabs occupied Rhodes and broke up the remains of the Colossus of Rhodes and sold the bronze as scrap
718 AD Byzantine warships set out from Rhodes to do battle with the Saracens
807 AD Byzantine warships set out from Rhodes to do battle with the Arabs
1082 AD Alexios Komnenos granted the Venetians the right to establish a commercial naval base on Rhodes
1101 AD  Richard the Lionheart stopped for a while at Rhodes
1204 AD the sack of Constantinople (for the 1st time) during the Fourth Crusade
1204-1261 AD  Latin rule of Constantinople
1207 AD Marco Sandolo founded the Duchy of Naxos
1309 BC A Genoese adventurer sells Rhodes to the Knights of the Order of St John of Jerusalem
1333 AD Lesvos comes under control of the Gatteluso family
1387 AD the Ionian Islands are brought under Venetian rule
1453 AD Byzantium/Constantinople falls to the Ottoman Turks (2nd time) led by Mehmet the Conqueror/ the inhabitants of Samos escape toChios/Crete gives refuge to exiles fleeing the Turks
1462 AD Lesvos conquered by the Ottoman Turks
1480 AD unsuccessful siege of Rhodes by the Ottoman Turks
15th Century AD - 19th Century AD Greece under Turkish rule