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Lord M is my Name

A player of Fame

I'm the bard of the bars

 Make with the Snake

 A desperate woman

 I'll find maybe a nine

 or a dime

off the hook fine

 what’s goin’ down

The moose hunts around

where buttaface abound

in my crib face down

                       Lord M

                           Rap Artist


Sir Robert Makemson is also an accomplished Hiphop artist leading the Urban Dance Circles .

Lord M's guide to Urban Dance

Urban Dance has its origin in Tap Dancing. Moves like the Moon Walk and the Shimmy were first recorded in 1955 by the hoofing of Bill Bailey

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In 1969 the James Brown hit "Get on the Good Foot" started the Urban Dance craze Breakdancing (With breaks in music and motions that compliment them.)

Here he does the James Brown Shimmy used in such dance steps as Walkie Doggie.

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The same year ethnic diversity came to the urban dance scene when Good O'l Boys like Neil Armstrong started doing the Low Gravity Backslide.

  • How to Moon Walk

    1) Start with your feet together

    2) Lift your right heel, put your weight on your right toe, make sure your right knee is bent

    3) Slide your left foot back (keep it flat) and keep your left leg very straight

    4) When your left foot is all the way back, do the following all at once:

    5) Put the right heel down by straightening the right leg

    Put the left heel up by bending the left knee and shift your weight to the left toe.

    Now slide your right foot back and make sure it stays flat until it is all the way back.

    Also make sure that your left knee stays bent and your left heel stays up until the right foot is all the way back

    6) Then shift your weight etc...



    The sliding foot is always flat until the very end of the movement.

    The stationary foot is always up on the toes until the very end of the movement.


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    Moon Walk
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    Michael Jackson tries to prove it a hoax

    The Electrofunk Urban Dance is known for the moves Lock and Pop.

    This came from a dance called the mannequin (or robot). Locking up and Popping open are attempts to imitate creaking hinges.

    This goes way back but on the big screen The Tin Man, in The Wizard of Oz made it extremely popular.

    The Tin Man who is the avatar of the dehumanized industrial laborer, revived by Oil.

    As Lord M always says "Only STANDARD OIL COMPANY can save us.".

    Michael Jackson revived this popular dance in 1974 for the song Dancing Machine

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    The Worm , a great step for parties was invented by Sophie Tucker. In the 1920's she was arrested for doing The Angle-Worm Wiggle

    Sophie Tucker

    January 13, 1884 - February 9, 1966

    The Worm

    1) Start lying face-down.

    2) Bend knees so feet are in the air

    3) Quickly kick legs straight to lift off the ground.

    4) Bend at stomach to lift hip off the ground.

    5) Arch chest downward while straightening hip.

    6) Lift shoulders as hip lands on ground.

    7) Lift hands as chest lands on ground.

    8) Slap hands on the ground and continue at beginning.


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    Popular moves are Top Rock - a few simple moves done to initiate breakdancing. They simulate fighting with no contact.

    Some steps come from great pugilist dancers like Muhammed Ali

    The words to this dance song, "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. I'm young, I'm beautiful and can't possibly be beat!"

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    Uprock - copying the moves in a mirror formation also simulate fighting with no contact.

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    Other more dangerous moves come from gymnastics







    Handstand pirouette

    the Lord M Point

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