Volcada Gigantonas Tango Debajo del Volcán

Nicaragua National Tango Championship

Gigantonas Tango
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Nicaragua National Tango Championship
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Sir Robert Makemson
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2005 Nicaragua Tango Champion

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15 feet long pupets

Ft. Mose Florida

Gracia Real de Santa Teresa de Mose
San Cristobal Volcano

Chinandega Hotel

Located near in the town of Chinandega and the San Cristobal Volcano the last event was great. I hope we can have it near there again in 2008

Many can see George Balanchine influence the Hippo ballet in Fantasia. But let’s face it whoever did it was joking. People have different shapes, sizes. It  would be wrong from an aesthetic point of view for everyone to be doing the same steps. I noticed that closed step competitions have inspired everyone to try and get the same body type. This society is being plagued by conformity. If your joints hurt don’t jump or hop work with the smoother moves. Men don’t do steps that make you lose your balance; spins may not work for you. Be creative splits only add flair if you don’t tear your groin muscle. Necessity is the mother of dance. If the man is disproportionately taller than the woman it looks silly for him to rise up on his toes during a Viennese waltz.  Lennon once wrote, “ soldiers vote with their feet.” Dancers Show feeling with their feet. I’m not just suggesting Dance improvisation but new step creation. If you feel like making a weird move try it.  If you like it? Work it into your routine. Who knows maybe in 50 years dancers will be doing your move in a Close syllabus contests.