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Spanish Dance

 Dance Master Nick Zorra who has travelled the world dancing with the royalty of Europe once said to me, "Spanish Dance is not Latin American dance. Spanish Dance comes from Spain not the New World.  Spaniards are very conservative! That's Why? Their dances have little to no hip movement. "


Some of the more popular dances are listed below.

Sardana from Catalonia goes back to the 1st century and came from Greek sailors to Spain.

Jota comes from moorish influence it dates back past the 11th century.

Bolero goes back to the 18th century.

Fandango was the most popular dance in the 19th century Spain. It goes back to Roman times.

Muneira shows the link between Galic and Spanish culture.

Zambra is called the Moorish Dance (Danza Mora).  It has Belly dance and Flamenco mixed together.

Paso doble comes from the Bullfight culture.

Flamenco is a percussion dance from Seville.  I believe it is of Jewish origin.


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