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The Mambo comes from Cuba.

The word Mambo means a Voodoo exorcist. I guess these priests liked to dance.

Incidentially I brought a Voodoo exorcist to my house to meet my girlfriend Sharon.

I was seeking an alternative explanation to her mood swings. Something other than P.M.S.

He gave her his ceremonial drink made from sugar cane ( 180 proof ). She tried it but it had no effect. I told him she drinks so much she's immune. So he mixed in a little gunpowder with it. ( I thought gunpowder was slang for viagra. )

Anyway she woke up on my roof naked and surrounded by my 50 cats.

I had to find a ladder and get her down. But I think he cured her.

Mambo is in 4/4 time and counted Quick, Quick, Slow (2)(3) (4,1)

Mambo is slowly becoming indistinguishable from Salsa.

Salsa now has Mambo steps, Mimicking the rocking step used in Mambo.

Salsa music also mixes in Mambo music.

Whats left is that Mambo leg and body movement are more formal and  more restricted then Salsa.

 In international contests Mambo judges like you to phrase starting with the second beat.



                                                   Lord M