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The Samba

 The word Samba originally meant, to invoke your own orixa (demon).

Samba is a Brazilian dance first done by Slaves brought to the new world.

Researcher Nicomedes Santa Cruz Gamarra traced Samba back to the Lundu of Angola Africa

When I first saw the Samba preformed at Carnival it looked more like an advertisement for paid sex.  (Carnival is a group of pre-Lent parties throughout Brazil. Carnival meaning 'farewell to meat".)


Carnival 2007

I thought, " How can this be the South American Waltz? "

See Samba is a broad term in Brazil covering many different genres of dance.

Samba no Pé is the carnival type and the Carioca Samba has been well depicted by Hollywood.

 The Bossa Nova (New Wave) is even a variant of the Samba.

 Timing in Samba is mostly 4/4  time.

Samba Schools 

If you've heard the term Samba Schools in Brazil you might be confused.

In Rio de Janeiro it is a community that contributes a float during carnival.

Some have macabra themes as did the Bacchus festivals of ancient greece. (Many historians trace carnival back to Bacchanalia. )

I believe good art should shock the masses.

But the less creative confuse shock with cruelty and religous persecution.

After being rebuffed they alway fake their love for free speach.

I've heard this free speach argument when money for the endowment for the arts were withdrawn because an artist won an award of $15,000 of  taxpayers money for Piss Christ .

 Piss Christ was a photograph showing a crusifix submerged in a glass of the artist Andres Serrano's urine.

I'm sure Ilse Koch the wife of the commandant of the death camp Buchenwald who chose inmates with artistic tattoos to be made into lamp shades also felt the issue was freedom of expression.

In 2008 trying to make fun of the Holocaust the Viradouro Samba School wanted to enter a float at carnival depicting emaciated corpses with a dancing Hitler.

 Fortunatly Judge Kalichszteim in Rio de Janeiro citing a federal law against Nazi propaganda and racism put a stop to it.

So instead the Sadist at the Viradouro Samba School decided to depict themselves in white tunics with gags over their mouths.

This is in the hope the crowds would interpret this as a protest to thier loss of freedom of expression.

Anyway most in the crowd thought it was some reference to Sado masicist sexual practices.

Its funny they couldn't come up with an alternate float that Freudians wouldn't notice reflected their Sadistic nature.

This shows a true lack of originality.


                                                              Lord M