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Interpretive dance

 Interpretive dance is a form dance in which the dancer's movements depicts emotions or tells storys.

It is as old as civilization.

For example: Cathir in india was used in temple worship. It goes back more than 2500 years.

Kahiko Hula  brought by Polynesian settlers to Hawaii goes back 2500 years.

Pyrrhic dance in Greece predates the Trojan war going back 3500 years.

Interpretive dance has a modern offshoot called Lyrical dance.

In Lyrical dance strong Ballet technique is helpful especially dancing in point.

Interpretive dance is used in Musicals, education, religion or just to describe events.

I have studied and preformed interpretive dance all over the world.

Just before the communist took over their country I even preformed interpretive dance in Macau (Portuguese China in 1998) dressed as a commissar.

This almost got me in trouble.

But I say, "All good theater should shock the masses. "

Apache dance is a type of interpretive dance.

Click below for info on Apache Dance

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Much of dance comes from this type of performing art.