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Lord M on Baroque Ballroom Dance

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Steps used in Baroque dance

The Minuet

 Minuets are in 3/4 time. The ladys use to call me the 60 Minuet man.

There were two major types

1) Minuet Oridinair - The Ball was opened with this dance. It had five basic figures and did not change for over a century.

2) Minute Figuree - Correographed for special occasion.

The Polonaise

The Polonaise or Grand March, was performed throughout the nineteenth century. Danced by lines of couples as an opening to a ball the Grand March only required normal walking steps

The Quadrille

The Quadrille requires four couples. It is the forefather of square dancing and couples line dancing.

It came to Europe around the time a bunch of upstarts in America started an insurection.

 In London it was all the rage at wife swapping parties.

I was invited to one of those parties but I wouldn't go. The ladies there thought nothing of sleeping with commoners and policemen.

In France 'the Quadrille Naturaliste' was preformed where local women would lift their skirts and throw their legs in the air showing their undies.

The Galop

Named for the fastest running gait of a horse, originally called galoppade, it is a lively country dance. Some insist on calling it a Victorian dance but its much older than that. Europeans have been imitating horses for thousands of years.


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