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The Bolero

Ravels Bolero created the Bolero Dance craze in 1928 but most musicians today will say a song like Green Eyes is more of a Bolero then Ravel's work.

Even Ravel didn't think much of his song.

The basic step of bolero is Left gliding side step then the body rises when rocking on the right foot but when rocking on the left foot bend the knee and hyper-extend the right leg lowering the body. Then do a miror set of moves.

You can count it Slow, Quick, Quick

Thier are different styles of Bolero although many have rise and fall (bending of the knees).

If your knees hurt when you bend them. Do it Hollywood style (No rise and Fall).

Bolero derived from dances in Spain so don't expect Cuban hip movement.

Thier is a great difference between Latin and Spanish dance.

The Music in 4/4 time 100 beats per minute or less it very hard to distinguish from a slow Rumba.

If you can't bend your knees but like to move your hips do a Slow Rhumba.

If you prefer a lot of rise and fall and stretching actions do a Bolero.

                                                        Lord M