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 Charleston music is mostly ragtime jazz in 4/4 time.

The Charleston dance became popular with the Broadway musical Runnin' Wild in 1923.

The music and dance has been traced back to the Blacks of the Gullah Islands off South Carolina .

Be warned if you go to Flapper parties. The ladies doing the Charleston have the finast derrieres.

You may start to obesess about ladies bottoms. It happened to me.

 I'm a playwrite.

I wrote perhaps the greatest play of the 22 century called the 'Bottom Line.

But I prefer a line of Bottoms.

 I've been looking for an actress with the best possible gluteus maximus for the major role of 'Hypsipyle' in my Play.

I've been dong this so long I haven't gotten around to putting on the play.

The love of my life Pat left me for a Motorcycle rider because she couldn't deal with my obscession.

It took years of therapy and tens of thousands of dollars to wean me off my buttocks obscession.

Anyway the Charleston has many Basics. (It's mostly done with the man standing behind the lady copying her moves )

One Basic is for 4 beats. Start with the feet together. Make two small semi circles with the right foot. Sort of outline Dolly Partons breasts going backwards. Then do the same with the Left foot. But make it more of a Twiggy's supple breasts. Ending with your feet together.

Each Boob is one beat.

                                 Lord M