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Lord M on Black Bottom

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The Black Bottom

My great dear Great Grand Pa Pa did such smoothe dance steps he was nicknamed 'Make the Snake'.

He told me the Black Bottom didn't come from the Detroit's Black Bottom Area. It came from Jacksonville Florida.

 The Black bottom was originally called, the Jacksonville Rounders’ Dance. (1900)

 He said " Rounders were men who helped ladys find the full economic potential."

I got from him a strong belief in equal opportunity for women.

Every night Great Grand Pa Pa would invoke the 'spirit of dance' by saying Jack O Daniel's, Jack O Daniel's you took my grand pappy now you try me.

Then he would take a long swig and dance.

He would hop on the left foot, slide on the right foot, and do a shuffle to the left, this was followed by a move the looked like he injured his leg.

 The music he did this dance to sounded like Ragtime.


                                                                    Lord M