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The Peabody

The Peabody was the father of the Quickstep. (The Quickstep at first was called the Quick time Foxtrot.)

The Music is Ragtime music about 200 BPM in 4/4 time and the dance is a one step.

The Peabody again shows necessity is the mother of invention.

See a New York City Police Captain William Frank Peabody created this dance around 1920. He was a fat man who accommodated his rotund shape by dancing with his partner to his side so he could see her feet.

Basic Step: Its hard to come up with a Basic for a 1 step.

Historians records choreography that included an Open Box step, Turning Step, Riff walks, Flaps, Twists and other more intricate steps.

I say make up you own intricate steps or just do a quick walk but put try and put a little spring in it .

Ladies learn to mirror your partner by sensing the weight change. Or men place the lady weight on the foot that's not going to move.

The Roseland Ballroom in New York ran a lot of Peabody dance contests.

                                                              Lord M