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Victorian Ballroom Dancing in 1800's was too exclusive for even a British Lord like me. You would not be allowed to come to a Court Ball unless you can prove Sechzen Ahnen ( sixteen heraldic, meaning all your great grand parents were nobility.)

Victorian Ballroom Dancing often lead to jealosy betrayal and abandonment of true love and inbreeding.

They did come up with some nice customs like the dance card. Its like speed dating. I would like to reinstitute it, but immediate family should be left off the card.

 Tsar Nicholas II of Russia liked dance so much, he fell in love with a Ballerina Mathilde Kschessinska. His parents put an end to that relationship. They prefered a thoughbread.

You might think if all the royalty were related it would prevent war.

Adduce the case of Tsar Nicholas II and his first cousin Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany (Both grand children of Queen Victoria). The Kaisers feelings as an inadequate dancer being born with a clubed foot may have caused him to overcompensate by showing military prowess.

Most historian agree the Kaiser deceived his cousin the Zsar into thinking he was trying to avoid war with Russia. When he really wanted to kick some ass.

In my experience dancers often evinces belicose behavior usually out of jealousy.

                                                        Lord M