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Bachata dance and music originated in the the Dominican Republic.

The original term was Amargue (bitter music)

If you notice some Tango moves mixed in its probably called Bachata Tango .

The basic dance is a 8 count in a side to side motion. 1, 2, 3 Tap, 5, 6, 7 Tap. Tap being 1 beat.

I've been to the Domican republic many times alway searching for authentic native dance.

I was told Bachata music came from the country side where it was used to help spirits posses women.

To me this type of religous practice is evil.

You may say," But Lord M you don't believe in Good and evil. "

Ah contraire, For I wrote the Philosophy of hypocracy.

I decided to look at whitchcraft as just theater.

Anyway I let them preform the ritual at a Villa I rented in Monte Cristi.

 I got seven beautiful woman to take the stage.

I was dressed as the Wizzard Merlin.

The Bachata music was played by local villlagers.

Just as I commanded the demon Erzulie ( the goddess of sex. ) to appear.

Someone threw a monkey dressed as the devil down the chimney.

Everyone ran out.


                                                 Lord M