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Lord M on Texas Two Step

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The Texas two-step

 The Texas two-step has some roots in Hungarian dance and Mexican Fandangos.

The music is either 2/4 or 4/4 time.

It is a progressive dance. (This means couples proceeds counterclockwise around the floor)

Basic is four steps (quick, quick, slow, slow)

 Texas culture has brought us great music, great dance and food.

But Texans don't get me started on Texans.

I remember in the 70's when Billionaire Nelson Bunker Hunt came to Florida. I was his engineering brain child.

We would fly around in a Private jet and option thousands of acre here and there.

Back then we really hit the sauce when designing communities.

Getting ready to develop hundreds of new neighborhoods all over Florida.

One day he asked me to play pool. I declined because I was drunk.

Hunt left the plane and went back to Texas.

I never saw him again.

Ladies, Texans are very sensitive if they ask you to dance. Don't turn them down. You'll never get asked by them again.

I lost a couple 100 millions in fees because I turned down a Pool game.


                                                    Lord M