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Disco (Also Called Hustle)  had a very small run. (Maybe five years).

Hustle today to the Plueperfect steppers is a distillation of Disco made by the Dance teaching industry.

 The word “hustle” originates from the Middle Dutch hutselen "to shake the money in the game of hustle-cap".

Abraham Lincoln used it " Things may come to those who wait, but only things left by those who Hustle."

Some say Hustle started as a line dance, then became a couples line dance, which evoled into a couples dance.

 But I have a different story to tell. When it all started in the 70's I would go to Whisky à Gogo in Paris. Many poets would prefom there to music. ( This eventually was called Rap.) I would recite my poem, " My Withered Testicles" and do a little dance putting my hand over my crotch which made the crowd go wild.

 Everyone would copy my move when they danced. I was told by one of the most famous dancers at the time that it reminded the french of the Ballet Virtuoso Vaslav Nijinsky.

This move (The Lord M Crotch Grab)  became a mainstay in Hustle at the time until the Puritanical American Dance Instructors took it out.

I'm a British Lord and am not ashaimed of driving the the Puritans out of the Empire. But I am also worldly so I have Irish drinking habits and French morals.

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                                                            Lord M