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Lord M on Quickstep

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The Quickstep

 Has it origins in Foxtrot and Charleston  and Peabody. (Expect 4/4 time around 200 BPM)

In fact the British called it QuickTime Foxtrot.

  The twenties band played at some tempos too fast for the slow steppers. Thus became the great schism of Slow Foxtrtot and Quickstep

More Recently

When Emmitt Smith won at Dancing with the Stars.

I knew his maneuverability, timing, speed and ability follow his partner would make him a great Quickstep Dancer.

I am glad the judges realizes that his body size took away from the aesthetic appeal of his latin dance.

I think it would have been unfair to give him a low score beacuse they couldn't find a Long Leggy Broad whose body would seem to overpower his with sexual tension.

I admire the athletes of Football.

 But I do not support Football in my home town of Jacksonville.

I once wrote a Rap about it. The songs first few lines went.

 I say Burn Gator Bowl Burn

And apon its ashes I shall erect an Opera House

For If it rases the cultural level of one person

In the G-d Forsaken Cow-town it would be worth it.


                                                                                 Lord M